Sea of tags, sea of thoughts

This is Music, the hard News of Life, the shit and filth of Politics. Picture this Photography: Travel far from your Family, enjoy overseas Art. Visit Random cities, eat funny Food. You should go to lots of different Events. Understand all that is new and fresh about Fashion, about Poetry, about Writing and about writing Movies. Make a good nice Video of this Personal Entertainment Trip. Write then Books talking about Love. Talking about transcendency. Talking books with Video in it. A futuristic i-pad state-of-the-art Technology. Thoughts all these thoughts about logic, Health. These fake Reviews about Sports, Medicine, Photos, Culture and History. All this crap, nonsense crap about Religion and Religion Education and Inspiration. And trash all those Recipes for being happy because there is no truth. Media pretends to be Friends  with ya. Humor is their Nature. But the real Philosophy is in the Relationships.